Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cookies: One of the best ways to say "Thanks!"

Last week, right before 3am, I was awoken by a HUGE crrrrrrrash in my apartment!  I was quite startled and instantly awake.  The first thing that crossed my mind was, oh no what didmy cats do!?!?!  After quick inspection I found out that it wasn't my cats at all...

...it was my living room TV stand collapsing taking my TV with it.  The stand was completely broken and not really worth fixing.  Lucky for me though, my TV still worked!  

So how do broken TV stands equal cookies to say "Thanks" you may wonder?  Well, the next day I found out that my awesome apartment manager had an extra TV stand and he was willing to give it to me.  Not only did I have a new TV stand in less than 24 hours, but he had set everything up for me while I was at work that day.  

It was such a nice gesture so I thought, what better way to say "Thanks" than to make him some of my delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies?

Unfortunately when I went to make the cookies, I realized I was all out of semi sweet chocolate chips.  I substituted what I normally use with what I had in my pantry - a bag of peanut butter chips mixed with milk chocolate chips.  The cookies turned out amazing and the peanut butter was a little extra treat!  

MMMmmm Cookie Dough!!!


Next time you can't think of what to do to thank someone, try to bake them something to show them your gratitude.  

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