Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Garden Update: 1 Week

I've officially had my garden for a week.  I've had plants a lot longer than that, but as of today I've been a gardener for a exactly one week!  And let me tell you - what a week it's been.  Everything is still alive (woohoo!) and growing so well.  I can't wait until I can start eating what my garden is producing.

Sweet Basil

Flat Leaf Parsley


Upright Rosemary

Garlic Chives



Green Leaf Lettuce

Jalapeno Peppers

...and the Scallions haven't sprouted yet! :( 
Soon, I hope...

The tomato plant just continues to thrive!  I have never seen a tomato plant do this well before and I can't wait to taste the tomatoes when they're ready.  There are so many new baby tomatoes and it seems that I find new clusters of flowers almost daily!  

Look at the baby tomatoes and ALL the flowers.  
Growwwwwww baby, grow!

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