Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garden Surprises!

Even though I seem to have been neglecting it a little, my garden has recently surprised me in a few different ways. Most of my flowers are doing well and the edible goodies continue to give me tasty treats!

So let me start with the flowers...

I've had these gerber daisies awhile now, and I thought I'd killed them a time or two, but new flowers continue to pop up and I LOVE IT!

I have NO idea what either of these are, but they're doing great and much bigger than they were when I originally planted them. They seems to tolerate the heat quite well and are really spreading out.

My jasmine is doing EXACTLY what I wanted - climbing and weaving it's way through the metal I have against my railing. I just wish it would flower more because it smells amazing!!!

Now onto the edible goods...

My tomato plant still has tomatoes in many different stages AND new buds popping up every day. I don't have the plethora I had in the past, but I've been happy with this year's success.

The herbs are doing GREAT and I am happy they aren't dead from my neglect. I love that I have them so ready and easy to use all the time!

And not pictured - OOPS AGAIN! (I'm sorry!!!)...The lime tree has TONS of limes and many are ready to be used. I had one last week and it was tart, but delicious! I have tons of other little limes too, so I can't wait to see what happens.

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