Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Tomatoes Are BACK!!!

I haven't posted about my garden in quite some time, but that's mostly because nothing has really changed and these hasn't been anything exciting to report. That is until recently!!!

I thought my tomato plant was done for the year, and while it was sad, I'd accepted that I was done enjoying tomatoes RIGHT off the vine. Oh how I love their tastiness! Anyway...while watering one night this week, I noticed a new bunch of blossoms! I was in shock, but even happier when I discovered I had not one, not two, but THREE new bunches of blossoms that will hopefully turn into some yummy tomatoes soon!

I know I've mentioned the plethora of limes I now have growing, but it's been a little while, so now they're all getting quite big. I'll be able to enjoy them soon enough! And even better is that I have a bunch of new little ones growing, so let's hope for another successfull round of lil baby limes.

Lastly, my herbs continue to do great and I'm hoping this continues for a few more months. I really do miss not having fresh herbs in the Winter months.

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