Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Night Dinner: Take 18!

Last week, I said I would try to be better about posting a Sunday Night Dinner post more frequently. So, without missing a week - here it is! 

I made a VERY simple chicken recipe that I'd never made before, but well absolutly be making again. It was made using a whole chicken, an onion, spices and my wondeful crock pot. I'll probably end up posting about this, but until then - the recipe can be found here!

Along with the delicious chicken, I made some whipped/mashed potatoes, gravy and a sauteed broccoli.  While I loved the mashed potatoes (who doesn't?!?!), I wasn't in love with the broccoli recipe. And this is odd because I normally LOVE it prepared any way. Oh well - lesson learned. I will eat the leftovers, but I will NOT make it this way again... 

Overall, the dinner was very tasty (see below - I cleaned my plate!) and I look forward to having the leftovers tomorrow!!!

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