Saturday, August 18, 2012

Apps For Dinner!

Last night, I had the pleasure of enjoying some amazing appetizers, yummy drinks and the company of two wonderful neighbors! 

Earlier in the week, I had talked to my friend Elina about possibly making something yummy to eat and hanging out one night this weekend. It turned out that Friday night worked best for us and we decided on making a bunch of appetizers instead of one big meal. And let me say - that was a GREAT decision because we got to enjoy so many different things without stuffing ourselves crazy!

Take a look at all the goodies we got to enjoy while having a nice relaxing evening at home.  

The Goods!
I'm not going to list it all because 
the list would just go on and on and on.

Elina chopping mini heirloom tomatoes for the bruschetta!

And basil for the bruschetta too!

Dates - stuffed with bleu cheese, wrapped in bacon and 
WAITING to be baked then devoured!

Cheese and Meat Plate - YUM!!!

The WHOLE spread!
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Meat and Cheese with Crackers
Bruschetta - With or Without Arugula 
Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
Cantaloupe, Mango and Kiwi
Oh and some Wine and Beer too!!!

Just a little sampling of the deliciousness!

I can't wait for the next neighbor dinner and drink hang out. It's always lots of fun and good food is a guarantee! 

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