Sunday, August 5, 2012

Giant Salads for Lunch

I've always taken my lunch to work, but it wasn't until recently that I started making giant salad almost every day of the work week. Over the weekend I get and prep everything I'll need for the salads. It changes every week, but is usually pretty similar. I bring everything in little containers and assemble it in the office kitchen. This is a great lunch that is quite healthy and never fails to fill me up!

Start with lettuce - spring mix in this case.

Add some roasted potatoes. 

And a lil bit of roasted broccoli. 
Throw in some cherry tomatoes.

And some fresh corn off the cob!

Now some freshly roasted beets.

And don't forget those cucumbers!

Toss it alllll up with dressing of your choice.
I used a yogurt bleu cheese. 


I can't wait for lunches this week to eat more tasty salads. 

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