Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fruit Puree Pops

I'm always looking out for new recipes to try, and when I ran across this recipe last week, I wanted to be eating one IMMEDIATELY! Since that wasn't a possibility, I decided I would make them over the weekend and that's exactly what I did!

I've recently started buying mostly organic fruits and vegetables - I've even gone to a second store to get organic apples because the one I was originally shopping at, hadn't received their shipment that week! Crazy, right?!?! Anyway...since these were pretty much ALL FRUIT, I decided that organic was absolutely the way to go.  And instead of using raspberries, I used strawberries because I'm a rebel like that.

These pops are super easy to make, but take patience because they require some wait time between each layer. It's worth it though, so be patient and you'll be happy with the outcome!

Now let me show you how to make them!

The Goods:
Popsicle Sticks

Not Pictured, but you'll also need: 
Tiny Plastic Cups, Water and Sugar 
Sorry...don't know what's wrong with me!!!

Cut up the fruit...

Using a blender or food processor, 
puree each fruit separately.

Mmmmm pureed fruit.

Now - also not pictured... mix in the simple syrup.

Portion out the kiwi puree. 

I thought using a muffin tin for each cup would make taking 
them in and out of the freezer easier and less messy.

And it was! I didn't spill any!!! 

After waiting an hour, add the mango layer.

Note: One cup is without mango because I have a friend that cannot eat pitted fruit due to a food allergy and I knew they'd be sad if they couldn't try these pops. If that's the case with you, just pick another fruit, or go with only two layers like I did! 

After twenty more minutes in the freezer, 
add the popsicle sticks and freeze for two more hours!

FINALLY add the strawberry layer and freeze overnight.
Overnight?!?! was SOOOO hard to wait, but remember...

And THAT is why you need to wait.
You'll end up with a lovely layered fruit puree pop!

As you've probably noticed, I doubled the recipe because I wanted more than four pops!!!

And I'm sure glad I did!

I'm off to go eat one now. 

Go make some yourself and enjoy!!!

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