Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Quick Garden Update

Not much has really changed, so I'll just do a quick update to show you my garden since the last time I posted about it.

For the most part, he herbs are growing like crazy. The new Oregano is suffering a bit, but I cleaned up around it today and am holding out hope that it's not done. The Mint obviously had something eating it, so I got rid of probably about 3/4 of the plant. I'm not worried though because I know Mint grows and spreads like crazy! Everything else is doing well and I hope they continue to into the Fall.  

Oregano, Chives, Sage, Thyme and Rosemary

Mint, Flat Leaf Parsley and Basil

The Lime Tree continues to impress me and I love being able to have fresh limes WHENEVER I want. It's just wonderful I tell you! :)

The tomato plant is still growing and producing yummy tomatoes. I got to enjoy a few right off the vine this week and if looks like there are still many more to come!

The flowers and plants are mostly thriving. One flower worries me because it's quite light green/almost yellow and I know that's not a good sing. I don't know what to do because I have another one exactly like it and it's not having this problem. Does it need more water? Less water? Help!!!

Lots of plants and flowers!

Climbing Jasmine - Doing exactly what I want!

The suffering flower! :(

The thriving flower!

One of the hanging flower baskets.

And lastly - LOOK at this Christmas Tree! It's HUGE! Probably about 3 feet tall or so. I don't know to be honest because I haven't measured it, but I should. Anyway - it's SO impressive because I got it almost THREE years ago,  a few weeks before Christmas, and it was less than a foot tall. It sat perfectly on my counter for the holidays and I planted it in a bigger container shortly after the new year. It's made it through two HOT Southern California Summers and I cannot wait to decorate it in a few month! 


Almost Three Years Ago!

I might try to add more edible things to my garden when the temperatures get cooler. What do YOU think I should add to my garden and start growing this Fall???

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