Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Long Overdue Garden Update!

It's been FOREVER since I've really mentioned my garden on my blog. That's mostly because I didn't plant any Fall/Winter crops this, but I should have still posted a little more often. I'm sorry folks. I'll try to do better.

To make up for the absence, I have A LOT to update you on. This isn't a post about one thing in my garden, it's not even a post about two things in my garden. Nope it's about the ENTIRE garden! :)

Like usual, my garden is always changing. I'm very excited about what I currently have going, but also excited about what's to come in the future!

The Plant Corner
Empty Planter WILL BE Cat Grass soon!

My Geraniums.
Something was attacking them when I first planted them, 
but now they're being left alone and are THRIVING!

One of my the newest additions - Yellow Tulips in the Windowbox.
I love Tulips and I never thought to put them in that planter before.
Sadly, I lost the one lone Pink Tulip I had though. 
The Santa Ana Winds claimed the pretty pink petals towards the end of last week.

My Pretty Purple Pansies in my Hanging Planter.
(Say THAT Three times fast!)
 Over the last year or so, I've had many things in this planter, 
but I'm pretty sure I like these best!

My Elephant Foot Plant and lil Tucan.

My Christmas Tree from TWO Christmas ago! (Hi Kahn!!!)
It was SO tiny when I first got it and now it's a few feet tall.
It survived the LA heat last Summer, so I'm hoping it makes it this year too.

This corner is slowly becoming my succulant corner. 
The big one on the right is massive and is going to take over one day!
And look - Kahn made an appearance again. 
I think he wanted to be part of the update.

Rosemary and Thyme.
The Thyme looks like it's about to die, but it's not.
It's actually starting to really spread out and I hope it keeps going.
I want to use it without feeling like I'm depleting my entire stash!

Flat Leaf Parsley, Sage and a tiny Jalapeno Plant!
Bring on the new crops!!!

And a closer look at those three...
Flat Leaf Parsley


Baby Jalapeno Plant!

A long box of soil - great Robyn...
Yes, it LOOKS like it's just soil, but it's not.
There are Snap Pea seeds buried underneath just waiting to sprout!
I can't tell you how excited I am to grow Snap Peas again.

Last but NOT least - My AMAZING lime tree!!! 
Look at that beauty and all the amazing blossoms.
C'mon baby limes!

This lil sucker was SUPPOSED to be a Dwarf tree, but I don't think it is!
I love it none the less and hope it doesn't get soooooo big that I have to get rid of it!

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