Sunday, March 25, 2012


While my garden isn't what it has been in the past, I'm very proud of the progress none-the-less. I haven't had to do much which is nice because I've been VERY busy! I do plan on adding to what I currently have growing, and will update you as I do so. Until then, let me show you what's happened since my last post.  

The Snap Peas continue to grow and have tons of little tendrils now. I can't wait to see if they do what I want and grow up the little wire screening I have directly behind them. We shall see.

My herbs and Jalapeno are doing alright. I used a bunch of Parsley recently so that's why it looks a little bare. The sage is growing like crazy and really starting to spread out. I haven't noticed anything to exciting about the jalapeno plant, but I'm just hoping that it does as well as my pepper plants did the last two years.

The cat grass is getting even more full and my two furry friends are LOVING it. I get home from work every night and they run in there meowing until I let them out for an evening munch in the grass.

And my lime tree... I have TONS of blossoms, but still only TWO limes this round! :( What gives?!!? I guess it is a young tree and I should be happy I'm getting anything! I just don't like that I'm teased with tons of blossoms and get so little fruit. Here's hoping that I get many more limes in years to come. And how about a few more soon too? :)

Baby Lime, Baby Lime, Baby Baby Lime

Lots of Blossoms

Lastly, because I can and because I want to share - a look at a little corner of my balcony garden. I love this area and I love it even more that I'm able to see it from my bedroom.

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