Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fried Fish Tacos

One of my best friends went to Maui last summer and fell in love with Taco Tuesday's at Fred's Mexican Cafe. She especially loved their Chipotle Mayo and told me about it more than once! Recently she invited me over to try to make the Mayo and fry our own fish to make delicious tacos. In fact, they were so good I don't know if delicious is a good enough word to describe them!

We didn't take pictures, so I just HAD to make them again to show all my wonderful readers how to make these amazing tacos! I made them last weekend and devoured them with a friend. I wanted them again while editing the pictures a few days later. Oh and I'm sure I'll want them yet again before I'm done writing this blog! 

Now onto the fun part - showing you how to make the tacos.

The Goods!
Corn Tortillas, Vegetable Oil, Tilapia, Panko and Bread Crumb Mixture,
Limes, Avocado, Homemade Chipotle Mayo, Shredded Cabbage & Red Onion

Cover the Tilapia with the Panko and Bread Crumb Mixture.
I forgot to photograph this step - I'm sorry!

Heat oil in a large stock pot. 
Test the oil temperature with a tiny piece of Corn Tortilla.
Then do a final test with one piece of fish.

Once you know the oil is at the right temperature,
throw in (gently place really) the rest of the fish! 

Turn them after about 2 or 3 minutes. 
Cook a few more minutes - until they're golden and crispy.
Finally, take out one piece to make sure the fish is cooked through.

NOTE: Be careful folks - the oil is VERY hot and will probably start to pop at some point. 

Don't be like me and burn yourself...

Please be smarter and more safe than I was!

Nom nom fried Tilapia! 

Put the Mayo and Toppings on!

Now time to enjoy the amazingness.
And if you're nice - share the yummy tacos with someone else! 

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