Sunday, October 2, 2011


Yup, more changes in the garden folks! Nothing major, just a little bit of transplanting and a little more research on things that are still coming for Fall and Winter!

The first change that occured was the transplanting of the Flat Leaf Parsley. I am hoping with a pot all on it's own, it will just take off and produce, produce, produce! If not, I hope it does at least as well as it was doing in the big planter.

After transplanting.

Now after trimming back bad/dead parts 
and good parts to use for dinner!

The next and final change of the weekend was the transplanting of my thyme. While it did great for a long time, it was recently starting to struggle. I kept most of the living parts and got rid of the rest. The roots were huge and I did my best not to damage those at all.  The thyme now shares a hanging window-box with the rosemary.

Speaking of the rosemary, it is doing AMAZING. It keeps growing and growing; and even when it's a little wilted it perks right back up with a lil bit of water. 

The basil is growing like crazy too. I'm loving it and hoping it lasts for awhile. I can't remember how late into the year I had it last year, but until I run out I'm going to find multiple ways to use it!

The jalapenos are still doing well, but I'm almost positive they're done blooming for the year.  I still have quite a few peppers on the plant right now and am looking forward to using them. It's been a great year for them and I can't wait to grow them again next year!

My tomato plants on the other hand didn't do as well.  While the cherry one produced quite well, it was nothing in comparison to last year's plant. I still have quite a few tomatoes on this plant, but after they're gone I think it's done. And the other one...the Bonnie Girl was a fail. As I said before, I highly doubt I'll do a big tomato variety next year. They just don't produce like I'd hoped.

And the ones that do produce, don't ripen correctly! :( 

The green onions are still thriving and I'm just waiting on the last ones to get a tad more thick and hearty. Soon though, these will be gone too.

The new garlic though, that is juuuuuuuuust beginning. I only planted 5 cloves this time around, but for some reason, I noticed there are now SEVEN sprouts. Hmmmmmmmm this will be interesting.

The new carrots seem to be doing well too and it will be time to thin them very soon. I'm a little worried about the depth of the container now. Oh well...short carrots are yummy too.

The lime tree is HUGGGGGGE and now has at least five little limes in various stages. C'monnnnn limes! 

And lastly, the strawberry plant that I wasn't really paying attention to because I didn't care if it died or not (I know - baaaad Robyn!), incredibly started blooming randomly again and now has the begging stages of two small berries.  

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