Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garden Transitions

With the seasons changing, my garden is going through some changes too.  The tomatoes are almost done producing for the season, the jalapeno plants currently have peppers on them - but I think this is the last batch of the season and almost ALL of my herbs are gone.  I'll hopefully getting more Fall/Winter friendly herbs in the next few weeks.  

Tomato Plants

Jalapeno Plants



I lost most of my basil recently to something, but I'm not sure what!  I noticed the munches and holes in the leaves, but after talking to a friend and doing some research thought it was maybe the beginning of a fungus! While I was disappointed about that, I was even more upset when I found DROPPINGS on three of the leaves yesterday. These weren't tiny either so whatever is eating my basil is rather large! I got rid of almost everything because I didn't want to take any chances.  Sadly, I don't think it will come back this late in the year either.

I've mentioned my problems with aphid this year in previous posts. They first attacked my shallots, forcing me to get rid of them completely. I then noticed them on my chives, forcing me to get rid of them as well! While cleaning up my balcony yesterday, I saw the little suckers on not only the last of my green onions, but on my newly sprouted garlic too! GRRRRRRR!!! I was forced to get rid of the green onions, but I didn't want to sacrifice the garlic too so I just trimmed all the shallots down to the soil and am hoping for the best...

Last but not least, the carrots. I'm sure they're nothing but tiny little roots at this point, but I'm holding out hope that I'll get something from them! 

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