Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's Going On With The Garden?

I know - I've been MIA recently. Work has been busy, family is ... family, one of my closest friends just had a pretty big move, and I could keep going on but I won't because this post is about my GARDEN, not why I've been so bad about posting!

Anyway... a few things have changed in the garden recently and since the seasons are changing, I'm expecting things to continue to chance for a little bit. I'm very excited about the possibilities and I only recently began thinking and planning!

A little over a week ago I was watering my garden when I noticed tiny little black things ALL over every shallot I had growing. They looked similar to what attached my chives the first time I grew them, but with multiple shallots growing, this was so much worse! I looked closer and sure enough, those little black things were moving! After some research, I'm pretty sure they were black aphids. I know, I know - aphids are good for the most part, but I didn't want to take any chances so I said goodbye to my shallots!  I may try again next year, but who know!

Another exciting changes is the newly sprouted garlic plants. I planted a few less this time hoping for bigger "bulbs", but I can only hope that this round is as successful and tasty as the last!

And the last change to the garden is that I am attempting to grow carrots again! I planted them a few weeks ago and they sprouted fast, but it wasn't until recently that they were big enough to identify as carrot greens. I had tiny ones last fall/winter, so I'm hoping I get a few the same size or bigger this time!

Now onto the old favorites...

The tomato plants are both still kickin'. The cherry tomato plant has a ton of clusters still with a few new blossoms and the other plant has one last tomato. I think this will be the last for the season, which makes a total of only 5 large tomatoes. Womp womp - failure in my opinion! I don't think I'll be doing these again next Spring, but may end up doing two cherry tomato ones instead! :)  

The green onions are still doing well and there are a few that need to get bigger before I an pick them. I don't think I'll be planting any more this year since it's going to get cool soon enough.

The jalapenos are doing AMAZING and there are quite a few little peppers on all the plants still. I probably have at least 10 to 15 more peppers still to come and I can't wait to use them.

As usual, I've saved the best for last - the herbs.

The basil keeps growing like crazy. Just when I thought it was nearing the end, new growth appears and starts to thrive!

The flat leaf parsley is back and doing well. I'm thinking of transplanting to promote more growth to have it on hand more often.

Like usual, the rosemary is pretty much the same and doing great. Sadly, this wonderful herb was the lucky one that I forgot to photograph this time! But remember, it's pretty much the same so look back at the most recent update before this and you'll pretty much get the idea...

The chives - or cat grass as my cats seem to think... are a little droopy, but I trimmed them after this picture and they look a lot better. I don't use them often, but it's nice to know I have them if I want to use them!

Finally - the thyme. It was thriving for so long, but recently took a turn for the worse and isn't doing to great. There are parts that still look good, but others are dry and dead looking. I'm rooting some to transplant next to the rosemary, so I'll let you know how that goes!

As I mentioned earlier, keep your eye out for more Fall garden chances soon.

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