Monday, September 5, 2011

Changes In The Garden

It's been another busy weekend, so it's another very quick garden update. There will be more posts on the way and they may even be posted during the week. Keep your eye out for a few posts from this weekend and more!

The lime tree now has at least THREE limes! :) No picture of it this week because not much has really changed - but I'll post when there is something exciting to share!

The tomato plants continue to thrive and are blossoming like crazy right now. Woohoo!!!

And my jalapeno they just don't stop. I have peppers galore and a bunch of new ones on the way!

The shallots are doing well, but the green onions are doing even better. I can't wait to plant more of both!


Green Onions

I've given up on the productivity of the strawberry plant.  Hey - at least the leaves look pretty, right??

In happier news - I recenly planted carrots and they've started to sprout! I'll be thinning them out soon.  

Lastly, before I go...a little on the herbs. They were ALL doing so great until Thursday night. I was doing my nightly watering and noticed a little black and yellow bug type thing on my mint. I quickly noticed a few more on the mint, one on my rosemary and two on my lime tree. I was FURIOUS! I do NOT like when bugs try to ruin my crops. I immedietly got ride of the ones on the lime tree and rosemary. I then made the decision that I really don't use the mint so it had to go. Not just cut down even with the soil either. I dug down deep and pulled all the roots out. Man - there were tons, but I think I got 'em all! I haven't seen the lil black and yellow suckers since either, so I'm hoping I fixed the problem

Bye Bye Mint!

All the other herbs are doing great and growing like craaaaaaazy!






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  1. I'm interested to see how your carrots do! We planted ours in an EarthBox at the start of the season. We started from seed too and omg they are soo slow. It's hard too not being able to see the "food" part itself too ya know? :)