Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yup, you read that right folks - I officially have not one, but at least two itty bitty limes. I spotted one earlier this week and the other just yesterday. I'm so very excited and cannot wait for them to get bigger and ripe enough to eat! Oh and for many many mannnnnny more baby limes that grow into beautiful juicy limes! Mmmmm Mmmm Mmm.

My lime tree is doing great and my tomato plants are doing just the same! There are now three tomatoes on the Bonnie Girl plant and about ten on the cherry tomato plant. Oh and that's in addition to many more clusters of buds and blossoms on both plants!

And man on man. The jalapeno plants are insane! I cannot believe how big they are and how many peppers I have right now. The warm - I mean crazy HOT - weather we've been having has made them start to bud and blossom again so it looks like there's going to be at least one more round of peppers! 

My shallots still appear to be doing great, but I'm not holding out TOO much hope for these suckers. My garlic was great, but quite small and I'm thinking the same may end up happening with the shallots. Hey - only time will tell though!

The green onions continue to thrive. I haven't planted any more yet and not sure if I will. I just got a HUGE bag for $2.99 this evening because I didn't have enough growing that were big enough to pick. Hopefully by the time I use the onions in the bag I bought, the ones growing on my balcony will be big enough to harvest. And THEN it will be time to plant more!

And lastly - the gool ol' herbs. I don't have much to say about them, but will leave you with an updated photo of each!







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