Sunday, August 7, 2011

Welcome Back Lime Tree!

Well...I guess it's more of welcome back to the blog lime tree because it didn't go anywhere. It just wasn't changing often enough for me to think it was important enough to include on the weekly updates. While I do love my lime tree, the only real change is the size. It's HUGE. It doesn't really look like a dwarf anymore either. I still can't wait to try the fruit for the first time. COME ON LIMES!!!!

Now onto the tomatoes that change much faster than the limes.  We're talking changes in a matter of days! Heck - even in a matter of hours you can sometimes see a ripening tomato change colors!

Yum yum I can't wait to eat them.

New tomato and blossoms on the big tomato plant! :)

The jalapenos are another crop that change quite fast. One day it'll be a new bud, then it will quickly become a flower and soon after will be a teeny tiny pepper.  I love watching them and all my other goodies changing.

I usually say that my shallot and garlic are doing great, but something recently happened to my garlic and I'm a little worried. It's just not as hearty as it once was, so I'm hoping I didn't do something wrong. The shallots on the other hand, are still doing amazing!



And my green onions - I have a confession about those...  I used them last week even though I said I was going to give them time! I needed them for a rice pilaf I was making so I bit the bullet and picked three. The white part could have been a bit bigger, but for the most part I'm very happy with the result and I can't wait to pick more soon!

Harvested Green Onions!

I completely trimmed back the leaves and dead pieces in my strawberry plant over the weekend. I'm hoping that will promote more berries.

And finally, my herbs - another thing that I'm growing that changes quickly. I cleaned up the mint in the rail planter this weekend and basically took out a good chunk of what was growing.  I don't really use it and it WILL come back fast so I'm not worried.



Parsley and Thyme



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