Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Bountiful Balcony Garden

I recently acquired - at least temporarily - a couple plants and a plant stand and due to that I reorganized my balcony.  I LOVEEEEEE the new set up and am kicking myself for not moving certain things sooner!

To give you an idea what the whole thing looks like, I decided to record a short video! :)  It's a few minutes long, but gives you a much better look at what my wonderful balcony garden is all about. I enjoy it and I hope you do too! I apologize ahead of time that the video seems sorta sideways in some parts. I'm not used to taking videos with my camera so I'm sorry!

Now that the cool part of the post is over - here's a quick weekly update.

I picked my second large tomato this week and I'm waiting to try it. It's finishing ripening on the counter right now and I should be enjoying it in the next day or so. And BOTH plants have a bunch of new blossoms. I'm so excited because that means more tomatoes! 

And there are TONS of jalapenos right now.  Unfortunately, they are mostly small or medium in size but that just means tons of peppers soon

The strawberry plant is doing alright - no better and no worse, but at this point I don't really expect much.  

The garlic is no more because I harvested all the bulbs! They are teeny tiny, but they are mighty tasty and just as potent as a bigger clove.  I planted more garlic today, so we'll see how that goes!

The shallots are still doing great and I may harvest those soon too, but we'll see. I really can't wait, but I know they need time to be big and beautiful! 

The green onions are AMAZING and am so happy about them. They're just as good as ones you'd buy in the store - if not better - and the best part is that I get to pull them out of the soil right before using them! I'll be growing these suckers again for sure.

And lastly, as usual, are my herbs. My wonderful, fresh herbs that I love oh so much. I really do love having them all growing just steps away from my kitchen. And not having to pay those crazy prices for fresh herbs is even better!






And Thyme

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