Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Love MY Garden!

I know I've probably said it before - and I'm sure I'll probably say it again - but I really love my garden. Not only do I enjoy the beauty of it, but I absolutely enjoy what I get from my garden. The herbs, the tomatoes, the peppers and hopefully soon the limes!!!! And I really don't mind taking care of it either. Gardening is something that makes me calm and less anxious. :)

Now that I've shared my love for my garden, lets get onto the progress!

My tomatoes. My oh so wonderful tomato plants. I recently noticed that not only do both plants have new tiny lil tomatoes, but they both have new buds all over too!!!

C'mon lots of tomatoes! 

And my jalapeno peppers that are growing like CRAZY. They get bigger and bigger every day and I've officially lost track of the amount of peppers I've picked to use or to give away.

My strawberry plant has a few tiny berries on it, but it's still my least productive food producing plant. I recently raised it in a plant stand hoping that will help the output, but only time will tell! 

Kahn wanted to be included in this week's garden update!

My garlic is still worrying me, but I'm holding out hope that what's goin' on underground is okay and I'm worrying for nothing. Again - only time will tell and I'm going to be patient!

On the other hand, my shallots look amazing and I'm guessing it's the same underground.  I can't wait until harvest!

My green onions are going crazy. They are so hearty and begging to be eaten. Nom nom nom. I may have to eat some with some homemade green onion dip!

Lastly, the herbs are ALL doing fantastic! Yes, every last one of them. The basil is thriving, the thyme is bushy, the parsley is producing faster and faster, the rosemary is always doing great, the mint is coming back from almost nothing and the chives are in need of a bigger pot!


Thyme and Parsley

(Photograph forgotten this week...)



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