Sunday, July 31, 2011

Garden Update

Besides picking and eating my first big tomato, there isn't much to report about my two tomato plants. They're growing well and producing fruit (minimal for the BIG tomato plant...) so I can't really complain!

Cherry Tomato

The "Other" Tomato 
aka BIG Tomato
aka Bonnie Girl Tomato (I FINALLY REMEMBER!!!)

I can complain about the jalapeno plants though! Well, not the plants exactly because they are doing AMAZING and have so so soooooo many peppers, but something is eating the leaves again!!!  I noticed munch marks again early last week and kept my eye on it. Sure enough they continued, so I mixed up a lil more Bt and sprayed all the plants on Wednesday night after work. I haven't seen any new munch marks since then...but who knows if they'll return again! I'll keep you updated and the caterpillar invasion.  :)

The strawberry plant. The same ol' strawberry plant that doesn't really do much. That's all I really have to say about the low-producing plant this week. 

Hahaha - can you tell I'm really not impressed with my strawberry plant? 

I AM impressed with my herbs though. They love the Summer obviously because they are all growing like crazy! I have so much basil, so much thyme, and so much mint I have no idea what to do with all of it!


Parsley and Thyme




And last but not least, the garlic/onion family is doing well from what I can tell. (HA - I didn't mean to rhyme at first but I did and it works so I'm leavin' it!) 

The garlic and shallots keep getting thicker and taller and every few weeks I trim their green shoots because they get so tall and topple over. Toppled over greens don't look as nice, so I trim them. 



The green onions are ALLLLLLLMOST ready to be picked, but like I said last week I'm going to give them just a LITTLE more time. I few more weeks and I'll be harvesting most, if not all of them.

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