Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Summertime And The Plants Are Thriving!

Thriving when they aren't drooping and in need of water from the excessive heat we've been having recently. I'm starting to think I may need to do a round of watering in the morning AND my normal one in the evening when I get home from work. We'll have to see if these temperatures continue.

Even with the heat my plants all seem to be growing like crazy.  The jalapeno plants just get bigger and bigger every week and I'll be able to use the peppers in no time!

The cherry tomato plant has TONS of new blossoms and it's only a matter of time until those turn in to many clusters of little tomatoes.  

And the other tomato plant is doing just as well. The sole big tomato is going crazzzzzzzy! I can't wait until there are more big ones on the plant. Soon, I hope, soon.

The strawberries, like usual, are just ehhh.  So ehhh that I forgot to take a picture of it this week! Ooooooops. I can't seem to grow big berries for the life of me though! The little ones I do get are so sweet and juicy. I'll never be able to use them in a recipe, but I guess it's just a nice little treat every now and then.  

My shallots and garlic are so hearty right now. I'm going to dig down just below the soil soon to check on their progress. I know shallots thrive when the tops of the bulbs are exposed, so I'm hoping it's almost time for that stage in the growing process.



And while we're in the onion family... my green onions are doing AMAZING. I think having the tomato plants drip on them is doing something extra because they're getting so thick and so tall!

The herbs are very happy it's Summer too and they are all doing so well. 

The basil is doing so great that I took some clippings to work on Friday for my co-workers to take home and enjoy!

The chives are thriving and begging to be used soon. Maybe on a baked potato sometime in the next week or so...

The rosemary is doing amazing, but I've recently realized it may do better if it weren't in the same planter as the mint. I've never had to buy rosemary, so until that day comes I guess it's not too big of a worry.

Speaking of the mint - it's going crazy. It was a little bare for awhile, but now it's really growing and wants to take over the entire planter.

The flat leaf parsley is FINALLY starting to come back and I'll hopefully be able to use it again soon without completely depleating my crop!

And finally - the thyme. The mint grows like crazy, but I think the thyme grows even faster! I don't use either herb nearly as much, so pleast let me know if you have some good recipes that use either. :)

Even though it's not a food-bearing plant, I had to share the dahlia. It has grown SO big and I can only hope that once it starts to bloom it'll be amazing.  

Yes, that's a normal size chair I have the planter sitting on and it's taken up the entire seat!!

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