Sunday, July 31, 2011

The 1st BIG Tomato!

I mentioned in last week's garden update that my first big tomato was starting to change colors.  It quickly went from green to greenish yellow, progressed to an nice orangish-red color by Tuesday and I decided to pick it on Wednesday before it got overripe and mushy inside. I let it finish ripening on my counter and was a vibrant red color by Friday. 

Tuesday Night

Friday Afternoon

Since it was now ripe and ready to be eaten, I couldn't wait any longer. I cut into and and after the first bite I was in heaven! 

Nom nom nom

Home grown tomatoes have SO much flavor and store bought tomatoes don't even compare.  I'm absolutely going to be growing big tomatoes again next year, I just hope I have a little more successes because there's only one more tomato growing on that plant now...

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