Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fun With Pillsbury Crescent Rolls - Take 2!

After my first adventure using Pillsbury Crescent Roll dough for something other than Crescent Rolls, I decided I was going to find more delicious things to make using it.  

After very little time spent searching online, I found this recipe for Magic S'more Crescent Puffs and knew I had to make it! 

So I did just that and man oh man was I glad I did. I just wish I'd made more. Not only were they tasty right out of the oven, but they were amazing the next day too! And they really did remind me of a S'more. Mmmm

They were so easy to make, so I'm sure I'll be making them again. Heck - I got more seamless dough at Ralphs this afternoon, which means I might be making them sooner than later!

Here's a quick look at how easy these amazing treats really are to make!

All the ingredients for the puffs

And the ingredients for the chocolate glaze

The dough cut into eight pieces

With the chocolate chips

And now with the marshmallows...
that were dipped in butter!
Yes, I almost forgot to take this pic. :)

The puffs pinched closed with the goodies inside

And now rolled in butter, covered in sugar graham,
placed in baking cups and ready for baking!

Halfway done baking.

Annnnnnnd done!!!

Covered in chocolate glaze and ready to be devoured.


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