Monday, May 30, 2011


I find it interesting to look back at what a plant looked like when I first got it, or even just look back a few weeks, and then compare it to what it looks like now. I love seeing how it's grown and changed and that's one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place!

Today I'm most interested in changes to my plants and flowers that are not food bearing, but keep your eye out for a similar post about the edible ones soon. 

I've grown different kinds of plants and flowers for years, but this was my first year attempting to grow flowers from seeds, tubers and bulbs. While it's nice and easy to buy them from a garden and have them already sprouted and blooming, it just isn't as exciting or rewarding. I love seeing the little sprouts pop up from the soil and then watch their growth progress from there! The only downside of growing things this takes A LOT more patience and that's something I don't have much of. :)

Enough of my rambling, lets look at the changes these plants have made!

My Dipt in Wine Coleus has really grown a lot, but I didn't realize it until I looked back at the pictures from when I first purchased it.

April 16th - Welcome Home!

April 17th - Transplanted

April 23rd - Getting Bigger...

May 29th - HOLY WOW! Expanding Everywhere!

My Dahlias really worried me at first because they took FOREVER to sprout, but once they sprouted they really took off. The growth is amazing and continues to surprise me on a daily basis. It's incredible how fast this thing is growing now!

April 9th - The First Sign of Life!

April 17th - Hello World!

April 23rd - More Sproutssssss

May 14th - WOW! This sucker's gettin' big.

May 29th - It just keeps growwwwwwwwing, 
but no flowers or even buds yet! :(

And finally - my windowbox that's filled with two more Dahlias (but these two aren't doing as well as the other...), California Poppies and Snapdragons! These were very sparse for a long time, but then out of the blue they seemed to really spread out and takeover the planter.  I've had one poppy bloom so far and now I have my first signs of blooming on a snapdragon.

April 9th - A Tiny Dahlia All Alone

April 23rd - Two Dahlias & Other Sprouts

May 14th - LOTS of Growth!

May 23rd - It's ALL Getting Bigger

April 23rd - The 1st Bloom! 
A Poppy that only lasted a day or two. BOOO!!!

May 29th - Growingggg Growinggg Growiiinnngggggg!

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