Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Want My Tomato Plant Now!

Yup - you read that right. And no, I'm not talking about the existing cherry tomato plant I've had growing for awhile now.

Last night, with the encouragement of a friend, I decided I needed to get another tomato plant, but not a cherry tomato plant. I was going to get one that I could use to cook! And I couldn't wait until the next day to get it. I wanted it then and I was going to get it! 

While cherry tomatoes are amazing, I never really have enough at one time to use them in anything. I usually eat them right off the vine. MMMmmmMMM! This time, I decided I was going to go with a slightly bigger tomato plant that I could use in salads, on sandwiches and most importantly in homemade salsa. :)

Since I wanted my tomato plant right away and the nursery was closed for the day, I went to the local Home Depot to buy another Topsy Turvy and look at their tomato plant selection.  I ended up with a Bush Early Girl that supposed to produce in 50 days!

Here she is!

Funny - I always called my other tomato plant male related names, 
and now "she" just came naturally with the new one.

I'm odd, I know this... 

And here's the cherry tomato plant.

The two of them together.

Now that the most exciting garden news is out of the way, onto the other amazing crops!

The jalapeno plants are doing great, but they need to start blooming soon so I can have some homegrown jalapenos to use with my homegrown tomatoes in my homemade salsa! :)

Sadly, I don't grow cilantro anymore, otherwise I could use that in my salsa too. I do have other amazing herbs and they're all doing just dandy! Can herbs be dandy?!?! If so - mine are. 

The basil

The chives

The rosemary

The mint

The flat leaf parsley
Which seems to be saved from the suspected bolting!

The thyme

Both my garlic and shallots are doing well too. I think so at least.

I just wish I knew how they were doing UNDER the soil. I have a hard time being patient, but I guess I'll have to do my best because I won't be seeing either of these anytime soon.

The garlic

The shallots

My radishes...they're troopers, they really are. They've been through two accidents and still seem to be doing great, but I recently realized that I didn't have them in the proper amount of sunlight. The green parts were growing quite tall in some areas and there were even two flower. Flowers on radishes? Yes. Odd I know. I've never seen it either - well, that is until now.

I cut them off after taking these pics, but as I mentioned before - given the history with these suckers I'm not holding out much hope!

My strawberries continue to do the best they've ever done. That's not saying much though because I've never really had great luck with them anyway. Oh well. It's still fun to watch the lil berries grow.

The lime tree. Well it's the lime tree and hasn't changed that much since last week.  Like the shallots and garlic, I have a hard time waiting to see what I'm going to get, but I'm crazy excited about future limes

My flowers are doing amazing too. The calla lily continues to bloom, the wildflowers I planted recently are sprouting and most exciting - my dahlias are growing like CRAZY and so are the other flowers I planted around them!!! No actual flowers from those yet, but the greens keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

And lastly, I recently got some wildflower seed bombs that grow flowers specific to the West Coast. I planted them in a hanging planter and am hoping for something great. I'll show pictures of them if and when they start to sprout!

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