Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh Boy! New Kitchen Toys!

New kitchen toys are exciting. I'm not sure what excites me more - new kitchen toys, new garden stuff or new clothes. I really like all three thing and they excite me for different reasons.

While garden stuff and clothes are great, this post is about new kitchen toys so lets get back to that...

Over the last few weeks I've become the proud owner of a few different new kitchen toys. Not just one, not just two, nope not three either - but FOUR new kitchen toys to be exact!

I can't pick out which thing excites me most though. Two of the new things are things I've been wanting and really needing for awhile. I got both of them less than 4 days ago and yes, both have already been used.

What are they you wonder?

I know I'm really talking them up so they better be good right?

Well - honestly who cares if YOU think they're good because I think they're all AMAZING.

Enough babbling - onto the amazingness! :)

I've owned the KitchenAid Stand Mixer and Food Processor for awhile and I was in the market for a new blender, so it made sense to stay with the amazing brand and now I'm the proud owner of a NEW Onxy Black KitchenAid Blender. 

The box.

The blender!

I used it yesterday - twice and man I LOVE it! I am glad I got it and I don't know why it took so long!

And since I have the awesome new blender, I had to get NEW popsicle freezer molds. I found these cool star shaped ones on Amazon and couldn't resist. These are an improvement from any other ones I've used in the past.  

The box.

The popsicle molds.

Yes - I've already used these too. I made smoothie popsicles using my new blender too! Read all about those in a future post. 

My next new toy was an unexpected find this weekend. While browsing my local Marshalls I found a pan I've been wanting forever! I walked out with a few other things, but the best buy was my NEW Cuisinart Saute pan.

I love the size, I love the color and most of all I love how well it cooks things.

Last but not least is the only new toy I haven't used yet, but I'm still very excited about it! I got a NEW salad bottle/mixer. It has the cool mixing wand inside and a few recipes on the side. 

Funny thing - I made salad dressing tonight, but forgot about this and didn't get to use it! Oh well - There's always next time. :)

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