Monday, August 16, 2010

Cooking With Friends!

Two of my friends came over on different nights this last week and on both nights I ended up making some amazingness.  Both items were so tasty, but completely different!

When Alison came over to watch some reality television, we made a homemade Mexican pizza.  I had some shredded chicken that I needed to use up so it was perfect!  

We spread beans on tortillas, added a little shredded mozzorella cheese, fresh corn cut off the cob, the chicken, a little more shredded Mexican blend cheese, sliced homegrown jalapenos and of course some MORE cheese!  Alison loves cheese and I love cheese so the more the better.  :)

Before baking.

After baking. Man oh man oh man!!!

A few nights later, Robin came over to finish watching another reality show that we'd started weeks ago and never had the chance to finish.  While watching we decided to make something sweet.  

I had some frozen White Chocolate and Macademia Nut cookie dough in the freezer so I preheated the oven and baked those.  While they were still a little gooey I took them out of the oven and put on a cooking rack.  

Two cute little, still warm cookies topped with small scoops of cookies and cream ice cream made our evening just a little bit better!  Who wouldn't want a homemade pazookie?

Heck I wanted more after finishing the bowl!!!  

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  1. yummy!!! I totally need to figure out when I can come visit you ;)