Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blueberry Pancakes With Alison!

One of my best friends, Alison came over on Thursday night to hang out, watch reality TV and eat some yummy food! 

After chatting for almost an hour we were more than ready to devour some blueberry pancakes.  Yes, I very well could have made the batter from scratch, but I had super easy mix on hand that you just add water to.  I mixed up a quick batch while the griddle was heating up.  

The Mix.
I make plain mix and add the blueberries after pouring it onto the griddle.  

I was on pouring and flipping patrol while Alison took care of portioning out just the right amount of blueberries on each pancake! 

The pancakes were delicious and I want more right now.  MMMM Blueberry pancakes!!!

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