Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chocolate Popcorn Balls

After making the yummy Kettle Corn for the Cinema in the Cemetery last weekend, I was caving something like that - but just a little different.  

I did some quick searching online and decided on popcorn balls.  

Melting the butter while bringing the sugar and light corn syrup to the correct temperature. 

The popped popcorn.

Almost there!

Mixing it up.

WAIT!!! How about some chocolate chips too?

It wasn't until I was mixing everything up that I made a last minute decision to throw in some chocolate chips.  Boy am I glad they were in there.  The popcorn and caramel were both still hot so the chocolate became a melty, gooey mess. But a good mess it was! 

Man oh man. They ARE as good as they look!

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