Thursday, March 10, 2016

How To: Homemade Green Juice

I'm a BIG fan of green juices,
but I'm not a fan of paying 7+ dollars for one.
Yes, I do so from time to time because it's easy,
but it's just as easy to make one at home if you plan ahead!

And since it's so easy, I figured I'd show you how to do it yourself today!

I've used both a blender and a juicer to make green juice,
but today I'm showing you how to use your blender.
You can use whatever fruits and vegetables you'd like,
but below is one of my FAVORITE green juices to date!

The Goods:
Green Apple

Squeeze your citrus juices, then add all the other ingredients to the blender.
I use the liquefy setting on my blender, because I want it as smooth as possible.
You can add a little water or some ice to thin it out if needed.

Once blended, you can either drink as is and get a TON of fiber...

Or you can use a fine mesh strainer to separate the liquid from the pulp.

I just use a rubber spatula to help push the juices through.

And you're left with a delicious and refreshing glass of green juice!

And of course a TON of fiber that you can toss or use in a compost!

That's it folks!
Super easy.
Super yummy.
Super good for ya!

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