Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Garden Update

I was so excited about all the new stuff in my garden last month.
The herbs were thriving and the flowers looked great,
but then a darn heat wave hit Los Angeles recently
and I ended up losing almost everything!


While I do love having a garden on my balcony,
I've made the difficult decision and won't be keeping it up for now.
I don't have the time I used to have to keep it up,
and if I'm being honest it's become more of a chore than fun.

So with all the above said,
I won't be doing monthly updates after this one.
It's a little sad because my garden is what got this blog going,
but I'm looking forward to spending more time on cooking, baking and DIY projects.

Now that I have that outta the way,
let me show you how my poor little garden looks now!

Empty pots and window liners make me a little sad.
But I'm not getting rid or them or anything.
I have hopes that one day I'll have a garden again!
Maybe soon, maybe not - we'll see.

My basil is the last herb that's still around.
The heat knocked out all the rest sadly.

I almost got rid of the jalapeno plant,
but noticed a few new teeny tiny new leaves.
This plant has amazed me before,
so maybe, just maybe, it'll start producing again!

This could very well be the last jalapeno from my garden for awhile.

There haven't been any new buds or blossoms on the lemon tree in awhile,
but I'm hoping they start coming when the weather cools down a little more!

I know I say this every month...
but I am shocked by how big this Christmas tree is now!
It started so small and is just HUGE now!!!

And since this is the last garden post for some time,
I had to include my cute furry garden helpers!!!

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