Monday, July 29, 2013

A Quick Garden Update!

My parents were in town this weekend - look for a post about that soon - so this will just be a quick update on a few things in my always changing garden. 

I was watering one day and my mom was cleaning up the plants when we noticed the awesome progress on the tomato plant! I have NEW tiny tomatoes and tons of new clusters. I'm hoping I get more tomatoes soon!!!

In other exciting news - I thought the jalapeno plant was already done producing for the year and to be honest, I'd just given up on it. I'm SO glad I hadn't thrown it away or anything because it started blooming again out of no where. And not just a few new buds either. I counted yesterday and have over 30! 

And the herbs are doing AMAZING! No more caterpillars messing with them either. I love what I have, but I just wish I had more Flat Leaf Parsley and Basil. I know that's crazy, but I'm always afraid to use too much and completely deplete my crop. Maybe I'll get more of each soon.

Lastly, I FINALLY transplanted the pine tree into a bigger planter. It's already huge and it's gonna get even bigger now! Can't wait to decorate it for Christmas in a few months!!! Anyone know of a good place to buy battery operated Christmas lights?!?

I have a few things in mind for the garden and hope to do some changes soon. Check back  soon to see all the progress and what I have planned!

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