Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Weekend Fun!

I didn't have a 4th of July party, but I did have a couple friends over yesterday for some Summer Weekend Fun, which wouldn't be complete without delicious food and even some pool time!!!

Because I'm a foodie, I of course got pictures of all the food, but ONLY the food. No swimming, no racing in the pool and no walk to get yummy frozen yogurt. Oh - and no sleepover shenanigans either! :) 

ALL the goodies!

Half of the goodies:
Dijon Deviled Eggs
Figs with Honey Goat Cheese and Crackers
Caprese with Homegrown Basil

And the other half:
Grilled Baby Artichoke with Lemon Aioli
Pesto French Fries with Ketchup and Ranch Dressing

I can't wait for more Summer days filled with fun like this!!!

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