Sunday, August 4, 2013

LA Visitors!

I've mentioned in a few past post that my parents visited me in Los Angeles recently. What I didn't mention was that my mom and dad were just two of the visitors I had stay over that weekend! 

I got to spend some quality time with my brother after we surprised our parents one night. My parents had NO idea that he was going to be in LA too, so it was an extra special night. 

Please excuse the fake smile and deer in the headlights look...

The next night, my grandma and cousin came up to join us at the Dodger's game! 

Excited for the game!

Our seats were AMAZING - 5 rows from the field! I can't believe how close we were. It was my cousin's first MLB game, so it was another extra special night!

Let's Go Dodgers!!!

My parents, grandma, cousin and myself all enjoyed breakfast at a family owned place really close to my apartment. We went there as a group of five once before, so now it's become a tradition! 

Proof that Grandma drank Iced Coffee!
She never drinks coffee!!! 

Post Breakfast pictures with Grandma and Aly.

And one with Mom, Dad and Grandma too!

Over the long weekend, I got to spend a lot of relaxing quality time with my parents, which unfortunately is something that doesn't happen often enough. As usual - the visit was far too short, but I look forward to seeing them again soon! 

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