Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Night Dinner: Take 28

Tonight's Sunday Night Dinner was pretty simple, but finding all the pieces to make it a success was far from simple!  One would think that it'd be easy to find pretzel rolls, correct? Especially now that they're pretty trendy. Well...not really! After going to 4 different stores, I was finally able to purchase pretzel slider rolls from a store I'd seen them at MONTHS ago. Why I didn't start there in the first place...that's another story! 

Now that I had pretzel rolls, I could make what I'd picture as an amazing dinner! I made turkey burger pretzel roll sliders with cheddar cheese, mustard, lettuce and pickle slices. They were simply amazing and even better than I thought possible! With them, I enjoyed some grilled zucchini and roasted brussels sprouts. Both were very tasty and oddly enough, a great compliment to the sliders.

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