Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Garden Growth

The last few weeks have been unseasonably warm (we're talking 80's in January people!!!) and my garden is really loving it.

I knew that my lime would be thriving this time of year, but I had NO idea that my tomato plant would start to blossom again! Not only is it blossoming in one place - it's has FOUR different clusters of new blossoms.  I had no idea this could or would happen in JANUARY and I'm shocked. I must say that I'm constantly being amazed and surprised by the things that grow in my garden.

Now back to the lime tree that I recently picked the first lime from! I actually picked the second lime on Saturday and have a few more that are going to be ready soon. But the more exciting part are the new tiny little limes that are growing. I'm also super happy to see tons of new blossoms that will hopefully become little limes eventually!

And lastly, a quick look at my newly planted Paperwhites. I loved growing them last year so I look forward to them again and can't wait for the amazing fragrance!

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