Sunday, January 8, 2012

Chocolaty Delicious Brownies

I was asked to make a few finger-food desserts for a family gathering recently and we decided on Scotcharoos and Brownies. 

The Scotcharoos (I'll post about those soon!) were easy because I'd made them countless times before, but I wasn't as comfortable with the Brownies. I wanted to make homemade Brownies as opposed to making them from a box like usual. After doing a quick search I found a recipe that peaked my fancy on a blog I'd visited many times.  

So I made the Brownies one night to test and decided if they were what I wanted to bring for my family. They were VERY chocolatey, but they were exactly what I was going for! While I love brownies that are ooey and gooey, I knew those would be too messy, so I stuck to a simple traditional chocolate brownie.

After making the test batch, I measured out all the ingredients to mix up and bake after work on Thursday night.

Here's What Baking Brownies Thursday Night Looks Like:


 Melting butter with cocoa powder, sugar & salt.

Adding the flour!

 Ready for Baking.

Almost done!

And I COMPLETELY forgot to take a picture of them done...or cooled...or cut into small brownies!

I was making them really late after a long day at work. That's my only excuse. I'm sorry! :(

These brownies are just a little more work than using a mix from a box, but very worth the few extra steps. 

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