Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Wind & The Cold

In the past few weeks, both the horrible winds and cold temperatures have been wrecking havoc on my garden and balcony in general. For the most part, living in Southern California is WONDERFUL, but the crazy winds we had recently and the freezing, or close to freezing, temperatures we're currently getting are not cool. I'm really not a fan.

Here's a little look at what's the wind caused me to do!

My storage unity on it's BACK!
With the herb container on top holding down a tarp
and hanging window boxes are leaning up against the sides.

Lime tree and palm pushed into the corner for protection.
Other small plants getting out of the wind too.

Hanging planters taken down and 
and other plants are rearranged.

Another view of the tree, palm and storage unit.

My set-up after the winds finally died down a few days later.

Lime tree and palm are back in their places.
Christmas tree and Geraniums are moved to new spots
 and window boxes are rehung!

Storage unit standing up again and secured better than before!
Hanging planters are put back on their hooks too.

Lime tree, peppers and newly positioned strawberry plant.

The table set back up!

And after surviving the once in a century winds, 
I'm now having to battle the cold temperatures!

Here's what I'm doing almost nightly 
in hopes I save all my amazing plants.

Lime Tree

Herb Container

Table plants and hanging flowers moved under the table. 

Geraniums and Palm.

We're supposed to have more cold days coming up, but I'm just hoping my plants make it through the rest of Fall and all of Winter!

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