Sunday, December 4, 2011

Brining A Turkey

I know it's over a week after Thanksgiving, but I don't care because this Turkey Brine is SOOOOO amazing I just had to share! The recipe comes from The Pioneer Woman, so I'm not that surprised I liked it so much! I've always been very happy with the outcome of the recipes I get from her website and cookbook.  

Since I was so impressed with the outcome, I'll probably end up doing it other times throughout the year instead of just around Thanksgiving. Who doesn't love having amazing fresh roasted turkey anyway???? It's so tasty alone, on sandwiches (see below) and used in other recipes (see post coming soon!). Oh and you could even freeze some too to use later. 

Here's my little trick though... I roast JUST the turkey breast instead of the whole turkey. Why? Well mostly because I really only like the white meat, but also because it's a much smaller portion!

So now that I've ramble about how amazing this brine is - let me show you how to make it!  

The Goods
(Minus the Turkey Breast!)
I halved the original recipe in the link above
since my bird was only a lil over 5 pounds!

Orange Peel!

Coming to a boil.

Turkey Breast In A BAGGGGG.

So I forgot to take a few pictures...

Like the brine over the turkey.

Or the turkey in the brine in the pot chilling for 20 hours.


After bringing and rinsing - I stuffed the cavity with sliced oranges.
And roasted it in a bag!

Roasted bird!

After roasting for about 2 or so hours and cooling,
I pulled the delicious meat off the bone and it was SO moist!

And I ate simple turkey sandwiches like this for the next few days!
THIS is the main reason I roasted the turkey breast...

And I will be doing this again next year. Brine included. Heck - this was so tasty I may make brined turkey breast a lot more often. In fact, I don't think I'll ever make one and not brine it!

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  1. just out of interest, isnt that one picture above orange peels not turkey peels?