Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gingerbread House Construction

One of my closest friends recently said her boyfriend wanted the two of us to make a gingerbread house together. I hadn't thought of making one in quite a few years, but after just a little thought - I figured it was very festive and would be fun to do!

After decideing to make the gingerbread house, I next decided we would be using a kit! I've made a gingerbread completely from scratch before, but this time I wanted something quicker and easier. So the next day I picked up a gingerbread house making kit at Michaels. There were quite a few choices and to be honest,  I had a hard time choosing. I even called a few people for input!!!

Even with the kit it took a few hours to construct because we wanted it to look good. We weren't just going to slap the walls together, throw some candy on and call it a day. No - we were going to take our time to construct a gingerbread house that looked like two adults did it instead of two five year olds! 

Here's a look at the building process and the fun we had doing it!

The Kit!

Robin prepping the Gingerbread

Measuring the base.

Cutting the base!

Beginning the icing.

Adding the water.


Annnnnd mixed!

Beginning construction.

Putting up the walls.

And the roof is on!

Done constructing...

Time to decorate!!!

Robin beginning the decorating process.

Can't forget the front door! :)

Perfecting the window.

Roof decorated, now working on the front of the house.

The front of the house AND the front path are done!

Now - onto the back!


This is taking FOREVER!

Making progress on the back.

More decorations to the front yard! 

Finished product from the side.

And the completed back view!

Last but not least, an ariel shot! 

Making the gingerbread house was a long process, but a fun process and I'm very glad that I did it with Robin! Thanks for the suggestion Alex! 

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