Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fall Garden - Week Who Knows Or Cares?!

That's right! I'm done with the counting weeks thing. From now on I'll call it... I don't know what I'll call the updates but I'll figure it out! Any suggestions?  

And now that we're on the subject - I don't think my garden can technically be considered a Fall Garden anymore since it is now officially WINTER.  

Speaking of Winter...I am so so so thankful that I live in Southern California right about now. Not only did we dodge crazy cold temperatures and blizzard conditions, but I went to a Super Bowl party in a T-Shirt this afternoon! :) I'm loving the amazing weather we're getting and so is my garden!

Back to my garden since that's what this is supposed to be about... :)

It seems like my Flat Leaf Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary doubled in size since last week. I know that's not true, but I'm amazed with their growth and heartiness.

The mint seems to still be doing alright, but we'll just have to see after I went crazy pruning it recently.

My herbs are doing quite well, but on the other hand I've pretty much given up on the beets. The greens did well, but that's about it! :(  I'll probably be cleaning their planter out in the next week or two since it's time to start thinking about my SPRING Garden! 

The carrots were a little disappointing too, but not as much as the beets. At least I've picked a few cute little carrots. The beets - not so much.  I may try carrots again, but I highly double I'll attempt beets again.

My newest addition is doing quite well! I'm really happy about that too because to be honest, I'm scared to death that I'm going to kill my little key lime tree. 

It did start blooming this week, which means tiny little limes will start to grow soon too.

An now onto the non-edible plants.  

The Paper White just keep getting prettier and prettier. It seems that there are new blooms every day I come home. I wonder how long they'll last.

Although this plant isn't new, it is in a new place. It's actually one of my oldest plants and it's been through a lot. At one point I thought I'd killed it and was about to toss it out, but a good friend convinced me there was still hope and made me keep it.  It's been growing like crazy since I moved to my new unit last April and I think it will love it's new placement on the balcony even more!

And last but not least - I have another new plant in addition to the awesome key lime tree and the other indoor plant I bought.

For my birthday last week, my mom and dad had this beautiful orchid delivered to my work with the matching balloon.  I kept it on my desk for a bit, but I've had two orchids die in that exact spot, so I brought it home instead. 

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