Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday To...

ME! :)

Yes, I did just wish myself a happy birthday and I'll probably do it again next year! 

My birthday celebration began a few days early and will continue for a few days after. I love that my birthday is actually celebrated for more like a week - at least!

The celebrating started on Friday afternoon when my amazing friend, Ron met me at work and we went to Hole In The Wall Burger Joint. We both had the turkey burger on the pretzel bun. Yes, you heard me correct - PRETZEL bun. YUM!!!

I continued the celebration on Saturday night by getting together with a few of my closest friends. We met at my apartment for a little pre-dinner fun then made our way to The Melting Pot for some birthday fondue!

Fondue à la France

Spinach Artichoke Cheese Fondue

Our Server

Mmmmm cheese!

Oil and two batters to bread the meat in

After dinner we came back to my place for some homemade ice cream I'd made earlier in the day. I know - fondue AND ice cream, what am I thinking? I'm thinking it's my birthday and I want to so I will! :)

I made Strawberry and Mint Chocolate Chip. Both were delicious and I could eat them every day.

On Sunday, the celebration continued with the amazing gift of a Dwarf Key Lime Tree and an awesome Cedar Planter for it. I loveeeee it and couldn't be happier!

There are already little buds on the tree and I can't wait to see the growth.

And today.  Today, I'm going to work. I've taken my birthday off in years past, but this year I didn't. It's not really a big year and I've already had so much fun.

Tonight I plan on getting something yummy for dinner and enjoying a nice relaxing night sitting on the couch watching something recorded on the DVR.

OH! I cannot forget.


You are an amazing sister-in-law and friend. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING. I love you and miss you!!!

Becky is getting a homemade card, but I can't post it yet - I'll update when I know she's seen the card in person before online. :)

And one last thing...

Not only am I super excited because today is my birthday, but I'm very pleased to let everyone know that this post, yes the one you're reading RIGHT now, is the 100th post for my blog!

100 post! Yes! Here's to the next 100.

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