Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fall Garden - ??? Weeks

With the holidays and everything that goes with them, I've been really bad about updating my blog. I haven't even kept to my weekly garden updates, but that's partially because of the crazy amounts of rain we've had recently and the traveling I did.

But now I'm back and ready to update you on the Fall Garden! :)

I'm sad to say that the Basil has finally kicked the bucket.  I think it had something to do with too much rain and too little sunlight. I tried protecting it, but I just didn't do a good enough job I guess.  In a few months I'll have a new tiny little Basil plant to care for though!

In happier news, the snap peas are blooming again. When I came home from Arizona there were a few flowers and then a few days later there were even more. The snap peas make me so happy. :)

The carrots are doing well too. I even picked my second one of the season! It's not as big as I'd hoped, but I couldn't resist. When I was visiting my family, I took a look at my parents garden and man I was a little jealous. But the reason I couldn't resist picking a carrot was because of the one I saw my dad pick. My wasn't nearly as bit, but it is awfully cute. 

Besides big greens, I haven't noticed anything popping up from the soil in the beets. I'm just waiting to see SOMETHING and I'm sure you'll know all about it when I do. :)

The spinach is's just pretty much the same. Yes I've used it, but not as much as I thought I would have. I will probably not be planting it again next year sadly... 

And the herbs - the few that I have left are doing well.  The Rosemary and the Flat Leaf Parsley are the only two I have from my original garden I planted over Memorial Day Weekend.  


Flat Leaf Parsley

The Mint continues to grow like crazy and if I'm not careful it'll take over the whole planter. I won't lose my Rosemary!!!

The chives - they're still kicking, but haven't really changed since I got them a few months ago. We'll see once there is more regular periods of sunshine.

And the Thyme is still around but like usual - I forgot to photograph something and the thyme was it this time! Ha ha ha.

HA! :)

Last but not least are the jalapenos...the ones that I thought were dead, done, goodbye. Nope.  Another surprise when I returned from Arizona were a few tiny little peppers on my plant. Can't wait to see how big they get!

And finally...

One of my presents from my amazing best friend were Paper White bulbs. I've never really planted bulbs before, but I was very excited and was touched by their thoughtfulness.  I planted them a day or two ago and even though they aren't an edible crop - I will track their progress on the blog. :) 

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