Sunday, January 9, 2011

Warm Waffle Goodness

One of my really good friends gave me a waffle maker for Christmas. I hadn’t really thought about waffle makers, but right before Christmas I saw one in a Sunday ad and went “Oh, I want one!” So, Robin got me one! :)

Since receiving the awesome gift I’ve made waffles a few times.

The first few times were basic and from a mix. While they were good, they weren’t ammmmmmmmazing!

While Robin was over one day over the holidays we decided it was time to make waffles and this time, we’d go a step further than my normal mixture batter.

The Batter

Pouring it onto the Waffle Maker!

Golden and Crisp!

We made delicious Apple Cinnamon Waffles!

They were so tasty and was glad the recipe made so much – I have some leftovers frozen in my freezer. My favorite part was when I’d get a bite that had a crispy, tart, slightly warm piece of Granny Smith Apple. Yummmmm!

I'm taking suggestions for the next type of waffles to make!

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