Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mike & Alison Tie The Knot!

Alison is one of my best friends. 

We met a few years ago at work and become close almost instantly. I met her - at the time - boyfriend, Mike soon after.  

They became engaged and I couldn't wait to help Alison with the wedding.

At first they were thinking of getting married in Southern California. Then there was talks of it being in Mexico.

But then... then I found out we were going to Jamaica!!!

I always have a great time when we're together and consider them like my family. Of course I was excited that I was going to be going to such an amazing place to see two of my closest friends get married!

My wonderful Sister- In-Law, Becky agreed to go as my "date". Took lots of convincing too, right? ;) Also, I must say thank you to my amazing brother for letting me steal her for a bit!

Since I like to make every post have something - even the tiniest bit to do with one of my hobbies, I must share with you the card that I made for Mike and Alison.

The next morning at brunch Mike asked me if I'd made it and when I replied, "Yes", said I should go into business.  

If only I could get paid for my hobbies...

Now a few of the memories from the amazing wedding and unforgettable trip to Jamaica.


  1. Awesome card!!! Looks like you had a great time!!

  2. You aren't supposed to pick up the starfish!

  3. Robyn I'm just now seeing these! You are so darling and I reaaaaally hope you frame that starfish pic! It's incredible!