Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Forgotten Chives

It wasn't until this weekend when I was taking pictures for my blog, that I realized I'd forgotten to update everyone on the chives! I don't know how I forgot and can't believe I did it either.


Without making you wait ANY longer since I know you're dying to see them!!!

Here are the chives:



I know - they haven't changed much, but they are doing very well. So well, that I think I'll enjoy them tomorrow night on my baked potato! :) 

But to be honest, they are doing the best I've seen them do. They're getting thicker and heartier. Just the way they're supposed to be.

Kahn tried to eat them the other day because he thought it was tasty kitty grass. He soon learned his lesson.

And it's not the chives - or anything like the chives really... 

But my Paper Whites are AMAZING.

They smell SO good and have inspired me to buy more flowers for my garden this Spring. 

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