Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

I didn't go home to Arizona for Thanksgiving, but I did spend it with an amazing group of people that I love like family.

Since I didn't go home, I made sure to send some love in the form of a homemade Thanksgiving card.

I made one for my parents...

One for my brother, his wife and my adorable nephew...

And one for my grandma!

Thanksgiving is such a food based holiday, so of course I made a few things. :)

I made the meal starter - my spicy corn chowder - and man was it a hit!  

I had made a double batch the night before turkey day because I wanted to make sure I had more than enough.  Good thing I did because EVERY drop was gone.  

Corn taken off 12 ears

And the finished soup!

I had multiple people ask me for the recipe while eating it and again before leaving.  It's not my recipe - I can't take any credit, but it can be found here. Enjoy! 

And of course I made a dessert to bring to Thanksgiving dinner as well.  

I hadn't made them before, but as soon as I heard about them I knew I wanted to make them. They sounded so absolutly amazing and I couldn't wait to share them with everyone.  

What am I talking about? I'm talking about OREO TRUFFLES. I didn't make them exactly like pictured, but I did make them very similar. I had to add my own twist. :)

Before being covered in white chocolate.

After being covered with white chocolate 
and drizzled with semi sweet chocolate!!!

Oreo Truffles?!?!?  YES! Oreos on their own are great, but these are little balls are pure heaven. Super rich, but super tasty.  

Since it's the holidays, I wrapped a bunch up to take to dinner and a few other smaller containers filled for neighbors.  

I hope you all had an amazing day filled family and friends. Here's a few photos of my Thanksgiving! 

The Thanksgiving Table

Roses and Sunflowers

Great friends who are like my family! 

Taking a picture of Rachel taking a picture of me! :) 

The turkey! 
It was so moist - I haven't had turkey this good in a log time!

And finally...the fire we sat around after stuffing ourselves.  

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