Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Garden - 9 Weeks

I've said it a couple times before, I'm going to say it now, and I'm sure I'll end up saying it again...


As I was tending to my garden yesterday, I decided I needed to do a tally on the snap pea growth.  The totals as of yesterday: 3 full snap peas that are getting bigger every day, two flower/snap pea combos - the snap pea is emerging from the flower, and 6 more flowers!

I mentioned to a friend today that the snap peas are by far the most exciting thing I've grown and I love watching them change so fast.

As for my old favorites - the tomato and jalapeno plants.  I was a little worried about them last week, but they've proven me wrong and are doing quite well.  The warm weather we had all last may have helped though! Jusssssssssst maybe!

I have a few new baby jalapenos on the plant. I hope they all continue to grow and aren't destroyed by the cooler weather that's forecast for this week.

And look - red tomatoes!!! November! 

I'm in shock, is anyone else?  

Yes I know this happens, but I've never witnessed it.  And this is outside, on my apartment balcony - not in a greenhouse.

The beets and carrots are doing great too.  While spending time outside yesterday, I cleaned up both plants and they just look happier and healthier now.  



The spinach continues to do well, and as mentioned last week, it's hardly apparent that I harvested a ton after last week's photo session.

And the herbs.  They are all doing well, even the cilantro I chopped down last week. No new groth, but not dead either!

AND after I snapped these pics (sorry!), I got the urge to transplant an herb I'd been trying to root for a few weeks. I planted thyme where the garlic chives used to be in my big container.  The rooting was very minimal, so we'll have to wait and see how they take in the soil. Cross your fingers because I'd love to have a supply on thyme on my balcony! 

It's gonna come back...It's gonna come back...It's gonna come back...

Flat Leaf Parsley


Upright Rosemary



And finally...last but not least, a little look at my succulents.  These don't produce anything edible, in fact they may be poisonous if eaten, but they're cool to look at and super easy to care for. I rearranged the succulent placement on my balcony this weekend and ended up with what's pictured below. 

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