Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall Garden - 12 Weeks

There have been quite a few things happen to my garden this week and I can't wait to tell you about it all! 

I think it's only logical to start with the news about the tomato plant since technically that was the first plant in my food producing garden. 

It started out so small and grew to be...gigantic! I got fruit from it - lots of fruit from it - from June until October. There were still a few tomatoes on it last week, but they weren't good quality so they went to the birds.  

Now what's the news about this plant you wonder?

Well - it was finally time to chop it down - almost completely! I will try to keep it alive over winter and into next Spring to see if it will blossom again. If it does, that would be awesome, if not, then I really haven't lost that much. 

Here's what it looks like after going to town with the pruners.

The next exciting news this week has to do with the Strawberry plant.  Strawberry plant? Yes, I know - you haven't heard about it in ages, but that's because I thought it was history. HA! Little did I know that it was growing like crazy and STILL producing fruit.  I looked in and to my shock saw some smaller berries that weren't ripe and one nice bright red one!

 The thriving plant it came from. 

And finally, it is time for the third and final news of the week.  I kept this for last because sadly I don't have any photographs of it. It's still exciting though so that's why it's getting a mention.  On Saturday - I harvested my scallions for the first time.  I've had them for awhile, but it was just now time to pull the biggest of the bunch.  I ended up pulling four out of the soil, but had already taken pictures for the blog by the time of the harvest. 

The other plants are still doing great too, but haven't changed enough to warrant being included in the exciting new category. :) 

The carrot greens are getting so big and so are a few of the beet greens.  I can't wait to see what happens with both of them in the future.  


I love having spinach growing on my balcony. It's so easy to come out, cut off a bunch and use it right then and there. I've done it multiple times and the little plants keep on growin'! 

The snap peas are still growing strong, but I haven't seen any new flowers recently. I'll keep you updated  I promise! 

And the herbs are still doing quite well. The Flat Leaf Parsley and Thyme are kind of small at the moment, but that's because I used a lot of them cooking recently. I have faith they'll be back soon!

Flat Leaf Parsley



Upright Rosemary



Last but NOT least, the Jalapeno Plant.  I can't believe there are still peppers growing on that sucker. There are five big ones that will be ready to pick soon and a few other small ones. It's almost December too. WOW! That's all I can say. 


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